You need to add the following to your biometrika project (Use technology to produce these. No need to do it by hand):

  • Table of Your Data

  • At least one image of your data collection process.

  • Well labeled scatterplot (Axes with units)

  • Correlation coefficient

  • Coefficient of Determination expressed either as a proportion/percentage

  • Least Square Regression Equation for predicting your Response Variable from your Explanatory Variable

  • A residual plot comparing x values to the residuals.

  • An analysis of your results. You must relate your results back to your initial mini-proposal. This must include a discussion about residuals.

  • You need to have at least one transformation of your data to straighten the data. This will need to include a second analysis.

  • You suggest possible sources of confounding influences.

Give a yell if you need help getting this material online. Don't wait until the last day evening to ask! If you can copy the image you want to display to the clipboard, you can use to paste the image, grab the URL and and insert an image on your page.

Also look at the rubric <link>